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Stars, Poetry, and decisions

My horoscope today is confusing... Should you work to enjoy the now you have or the future you don't? This is not to say that you won't have the future, but now is as certain as certain gets; then, not so much. 

It reminded me of this poem I found the other day...

Decisions without certainty suck and sometimes I have it all sorted at 2am only to wake up and find in the light of day things seem to have shifted and changed once more and I am confused again.

Serial Casting

Back in April and May Tama spent six week in casts to try and help him stop tip-toeing around. He got his casts changed each week gradually making the angle of his ankle smaller and smaller... it worked pretty well at first- but old habits die hard and now he's almost back to where he was and we are trying something different.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Practising their swings...


Things I would like...









A reasonable break from the tears and the pain. 

Light open space around me.

To stop running away from people in my head.

To actually be able to feel the love that people have for me.



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He's back on the bike...

He has been since April actually... going a bit slower and not starting from the top of the ramp any more. 


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Right now...

Right now I am:

~ looking for prospective birthday presents.
~ loving fresh freesias beside me as I write.
~ thankful for the smell they have made permeating my space.
~ inspired by lovely characters.
~ savouring the hours I have available to me now.
~ reading Harry Potter and the Philosphers Stone for the first time ever.
~ enjoying doing some more things with the little boys lately.
~ feeling a little more in control sometimes.
~ making a lay out a day
~ wishing for some sort of dental miracle.
~ hoping for more sunny days.
~ glad for my decision to break-up with caffeine and facebook.
~ listening to Garbage ~ Strange Little Birds.

~ relieved to be making progress on a project that stalled for a bit.
~ seeing spring flowers everywhere.
~ dreaming of being a published author.
~ thinking in other peoples heads.

~ anticipating Friday- the day for adventure- and lunch with a friend.
~ going to bed early.
~ feeding the boys Cottage Pie.
~ grateful for quiet space in the mornings.
~in awe of nature... it's pretty bloody cool.


Perth Skies


Monday, September 11, 2017

The Photos I didn't take on Friday...

... were of a Kangaroo, the images of which are indelibly written in my brain.

Driving south and the Kangaroo bounced out of bush from my side of the road about 70 odd metres in front of me. There was another car closer closer coming towards me. The Kangaroo didn't see it or though he could beat it....
He crosses...
They are about to hit...
The kangaroo realises...
He course corrects to go back the way he came...
But his feet skid out from under him...
I can see them sliding in the direction of the wheel of the oncoming car...
But a split second before disaster he gets to his feet and bounds back into the bush he came from.

Light Up The Week

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White Breasted Robin